Mrs. Waller's BHS Choir Class

Class Assignments week of 3/23/2020-3/27/2020

Solfege Triad Vocal Exercises

You have a warm-up: Complete vocal triads of "Do-Mi-Sol-Mi-Do" just like we do in warm-ups in class as high as you can go and back down as low as you can comfortably sing. As you get higher, change the solfege to "Ah" so the sound doesn't get tight. This warm-up should be completed DAILY to minimize vocal loss with range and flexibility. If you are hoarse or sick, rest your voice for 2 days and then try to lightly complete warm-ups.

All concerts, meetings, after-school practices, and the Variety Show have been postponed at this time!!! I will be in touch when new dates and info are available.

3 Songs to Continue With This Week

Rehearse what we were working on in class with the following links. It's imperative that you continue to keep up with your memorization of all we accomplished before we left for Spring Break.


One Day More:

Finale B:

I'm here if you need me!!!

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I HAVE A GOOGLE NUMBER YOU CAN CALL ME ON! This includes parents and students if you need me for ANYTHING at all!!! Save this number in your phone. You can also text to the number, as well.


Bonham High School

I hope you're staying safe and washing those hands! Rest and practice social distancing. Keep me informed how you're all doing. I miss you each of you so much!!! Let me know if there's anything I can help you with at all.
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