please stop laughing..

a summary about please stop laughing....

Imagine wanting to fit in so bad but keep getting knocked down. In “Please Stop Laughing “ a girl named Jodee has her high school reunion and doesn't know what to do because of her past… While she was thinking what to do, the past came back and remembers all of the bullying and abuse people did to her. She doesn't get why she's getting bullied she just wants to fit in. At the end of the book Jodee decided to go in for her reunion and they apologize to her and said “We never hated you. We just understand you…..” (Blanco 255).

about the character

Jodee (the main character) is a sweet caring girl. She has her high school reunion and thinks back to her past. At school people saw her as a freak!! She tries to fit in but when she tries to do something nice they leave her and taunt her. Jodee has been through a lot during her years in high school.

Jodees conflicts..

Jodee had many conflicts in her life. She had to deal with character vs. character also character vs. self. Jodee went through character vs. character because people people were treating her bad and making her feel worse about herself. “ She says that no one will ever want to love or marry me and that i will die a lonely virgin. Your gods worst mistake she sings.”(Blanco 198). Also she was going through character vs. self because she keeps bringing herself down and makes herself feel worse.

The theme

Always keep trying never stop believing. In this book Jodee never gave up but she stopped believing in herself so it make it a lot more harder for her to get through.

Jodee Blanco to NOMS

Textual Evidence

The most powerful part was when she was crying about every night and just wants to know why this is happening with her and at the end of the book she say “And, yet, maybe if it hadn't been for you and the other kids at Samuel's who gave me a hard time, I wouldn't have achieved some of the things I have.”(Blanco 260). This stood out at me because it shows that everything has a reason for happening.