Architectural Styles

Bungalow and Prairie style

Bungalow Style

A one-story house, cottage or cabin. Bungalows are generally small in terms of square footage.
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  • Sparse Decorations
  • Natural Material
  • 1 to 1 1/2 stories
  • Dormer Windows
  • Easy Access to outdoor spaces
  • Often small with built in features
  • Entry Typically straight to living room
  • Large Porch
  • Originally from India, now throughout the world
  • Era 1900-1940

Prairie Style

A style of domestic architecture often characterized by a two story height with strong horizontal lines
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  • Over Hanging Eaves
  • Horizontal lines
  • Central chimney
  • Open Floor Pans
  • Clerestory Windows
  • Built to blend in with flat prairie landscape
  • Windows set in groups
  • Uses a variety of geometric shapes
  • Era: 1900-1920

Common Features

  • Horizontal Shapes
  • Low Pitches roofs
  • Open floor plans
  • Built in Furniture
  • Sloping roofs

Comparison Statement

While researching the two styles of architecture Bungalow and Prairie I found they were similar in ways that I would not have thought. But a way the two are different with most notably the bungalow being small and mainly 1 to 1 ½ stories tall and the prairie being most of the time 2 stories. They were similar in that they were both open floor plans with built in furniture with low pitched roofs and a few other details. Both these styles besides their differences are quite similar in some aspects and were very interesting to research. We prefer the Bungalow style because it is a very simple design and a small limited halway house

Spencer and Martin

4th period

Principles of Architecture