Do you have GRIT?

What is grit?

What do you know about IQ?

Discuss IQ:

  • What does your IQ measure?
  • Can your IQ change?
  • How does the IQ effect what kind of person you are/can become?

Before you view...

Think about what the speaker is discussing while you are viewing.

Be prepared to give a definition or an example of grit.

Be prepared to discuss the video.

What is GRIT?

Discuss GRIT:

  • According to the video, what do you think "grit" is?
  • What qualities does an individual with grit possess?
  • How can you be a person with grit.

It's a new year. What is one thing that you could do to be more gritty? Think about your response before you share. A gritty new years resolution.

I will do _____________ to be more gritty this year.