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Dates for the Calendar

  • Preschool class photos

*Pelican class-Tuesday 31st May

*Kookaburra class- Thursday 4th June

*Family photos will be taken on the morning of both days if you would like to have one taken. Please refer to the separate note for further information.

  • Biggest Morning Tea: Wednesday 1st June 9:15- 10:30am (Please bring a small plate to share and a donation to support cancer research)

    *Preschool Disco: Wednesday 22nd June (note to come)

    *Sustainability Show: Wednesday 29th June (note to come)


Our families are the best advertisers for our Preschool service. We need your help to spread the word to family and friends about the quality of our service and encourage them to come and have a look at what we have to offer.
There are so many new buildings and estates being built around the Botany area, it is hard to get the word out to everyone. We do have some information flyers about the Preschool that we have had printed. If you are a walker or you are happy to help out, please collect some flyers from our Preschool staff and feel free to place them in letterboxes in your local area. We cater for families in the south-east of Sydney so if you can deliver some flyers near your business or home, please ask the staff for some flyers to take with you.
We appreciate your help in getting the word out there! THANK YOU

Preschool Applications 2017 are now open

Preschool applications for 2017 are now open. Please let family and friends know to collect their applications from the school office, or go online to the school website and download a form. Children are eligible if they turn 4 by the 31st July 2017.

In 2017 our enrolment pattern will be flexible, with parents nominating which days they wish to attend. Depending on vacancies and priority families, parents may be offered up to 5 day places.

General Reminders

To make the most of the day's planned events , it is important that the children come to the Preschool as close to 9am as possible so they can enjoy all the experiences planned for them. The children need to begin to get into a good routine for school next year, so starting now to be ready on time will help. Please ensure that your child comes to Preschool between 9am and 9.30am every day.
In the afternoons, parents or family members must ensure that their child is collected by 2.55pm. Our educators often have staff meetings and professional learning to undertake in the afternoons. We are also a shared site and our ACTIVOOSH service come in at 3pm to prepare for the after school session. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

First of all, I would like to welcome our new families to Banksmeadow Public School Preschool. We have had a number of new enrolments over the last few weeks and we hope you enjoy your time with us. I supervise the Preschool as part of my role as Assistant Principal and I am a teacher up in Kindergarten as well.

This is the time of year when parents are starting to think about what school their child will be attending next year. I hope that many of our families will be considering Banksmeadow Public School as one of their choices. If your child moves onto the big school at Banksmeadow in 2017, they will continue to receive the same high quality care that they have experienced this year. As the Assistant Principal (Early Childhood), my role is to ensure that the same quality standards that I oversee at the Preschool are delivered in my own Kindergarten classroom with my colleague Jacqui Twitchings.

It is now time for parents to start collecting their application to enrol forms from the school office for Kindergarten 2017. Some parents like to ‘shop around’ and have a look at what other local schools have to offer before making the decision. I encourage parents to do this so that you can make an informed choice. Parents should make sure that the school they choose is right for their child and family.

Our school offers a comprehensive transition to school program but we will need your application to enrol lodged at the school office to ensure that we are able to invite you to all the important events in the lead up to starting school next year. Transition to School Programs are also crucial in developing a smooth transition to school next year for your child, so please ensure you apply to enrol at the school of your choice early to be sure that you and your child can be part of it.

Our school will be holding our annual OPEN NIGHT in the middle of the year. On this evening new parents to the school will have an opportunity to tour the school , learn about what we have to offer your child and ask any questions you may have. Another great way of learning about the school is to go to the school website www.banksmeadop.school@det.nsw.edu.au

I have written a special section about starting Kindergarten on our website to assist parents and answer many of the questions I am often asked about starting school.

If you are looking at schools for next year, I would recommend that you talk to other parents who already have older children attending our school. Our parents are our best advertisers, so speak to them about what they think and then come along and have a look on our OPEN NIGHT.

I look forward to meeting many of you as we start the journey to Kindergarten.

Kind Regards,

Roxanne Bragg

Assistant Principal

Pelican's Classroom

Since returning from the holidays, we have been following the children’s interest in hospitals, camping, rhyming words, counting, writing and cooking. The home corner became a hospital and radiology centre. This enabled the children to engage in meaningful play and communicate their ideas based on their own experiences or understandings. Books and discussions assisted the children to extend their knowledge about the body, hospital equipment and the roles of various hospital staff. Tyler, Mason and Sadat shared their hospital experiences with the group.

During outdoor play, the big blocks and recycled materials have been used by the children to create tents and campfires. This interest was extended during indoor play with the provision of a tent, camp chairs and mattresses. The children suggested and helped to create camping accessories which included a barbeque, a campfire, fish, fishing rods, sticks and marshmallows. The children have demonstrated enthusiasm, cooperation and imagination throughout this extended play experience.

We have been having fun with rhyming words and it would be good if you could encourage your child to find things that rhyme at home, or when driving in the car. ‘I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with ______’ is a simple game you can play. You can also assist your child to identify rhyming words in stories when you are reading together.

Counting and number recognition games are being enjoyed by the children. Some favourites are ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘One Banana, Two Banana.’ As well as developing counting skills, the children practise turn taking and experience a sense of belonging when they participate in these games with their friends.

Writing is incorporated throughout the program and it has been wonderful to watch the children’s developing interest in letters, sounds and signs. The provision of clipboards encourages the children to write such things as lists during hospital play, or signs during block play. There is a computer list for children to write their name on to indicate that they are waiting for a turn, and they are always encouraged to write or copy their own names onto their art works. The children are also able to create their own books about things that are of interest to them.

Cooking experiences are participated in with enthusiasm. The Anzac biscuits and damper were fun to make and delicious to eat. We welcome you to share a simple recipe or come in and cook something with us.

Kathy and Mona

Working with Ms Brown

During the term, the Thursday/Friday Pelicans and Ms Brown have been working on identifying 2D shapes and practising how to measure the length of people and objects. The Pelicans have enjoyed playing lots of shape games during group time and are learning about some basic features of 2D shapes, such as corners and edges. Several children have shown an interest in measuring how tall they are. Ms Brown has been working on length and height using informal measuring tools such as unifix cubes, arms, feet and hands, as well as measuring tapes and rulers. The children have also created a height chart and compared the different heights within the class.

The Pelicans have loved learning new songs about the human body, such as the 'Dancing Bones' dance, as well as some fun circle games, such as 'Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar'. They have also enjoyed reading the Australian rhyming books, 'There Was An Old Lady That Swallowed A Mozzie' and 'There Was An Old Bloke That Swallowed A Ute'. These books have been a great support in assisting the children's understanding of rhyming words. They are also lots of fun!

Elisha and Monica

Kookaburra's Classroom

It was great to welcome everyone back after the holidays and see that the children were eager to rekindle their friendships.

Our major focus has been Space. This emerging interest came about from the children creating lots of rockets and spaceships with the new magnetic tiles that were purchased. After some discussion and reading of related books, we have moved onto various art and craft and, as a group, there has been questioning of what we already know and what we might like to know about space.

YouTube has provided us with some real life footage of rockets and how they launch. We have also seen what a real space ship looks like inside and how the astronauts live. In the next few weeks we will see where else the children's interest in space takes us.

We’ve also been working on the children's numeracy skills. Our focus has been number recognition, as well as counting and matching numbers. It’s good practice to use counting in everyday life at home, whether counting out knives and forks or just in your child’s general play. Some children still have difficulty recognising the numbers one to five.

Another interest that the children have spoken about has been camping. During outside time, there has been a campfire with sticks and marshmallows to cook. Some children have made their own tents with the big material and had their own campsite. It has been fun to watch and hear the conversations held.

There has also been a focus on name writing and learning the letters in our names.

Gymnastics has been fabulous. The children are excited to go each Friday and learn new skills.

We look forward to the rest of the term.

Elizabeth, Elisha, Lisa and Monica

Some great ideas for preparing your child for school next year

What do young children need? Most of these are commonsense!

SLEEP– All children need regular sleep. Experts recommend that Pre-School and early school aged children need at least 11-12 hours sleep per day.

TOUCH-Research tells us that touch is important to a healthy body and mind. Hugs, snuggle times, holding and massage provide nurturing and reassurance to children.

RELAXATION– Everyone needs some down time and children are no different. It is easy to fall into the trap of running from activity to activity, rarely having time at home. Relaxation allows children to explore interests, develop their play and unwind.

OPPORTUNITIES TO BE ACTIVE-Moving around and being active helps children's muscle development, keeps their systems healthy, burns off energy and leads to the learning of skills that will enable them to play with their friends and join in school games.

NUTRITION-Good food allows children's bodies to grow well and their minds to think clearly.

GIVING THINGS A GO –Learning and growing involves a great deal of trial and error. Children feel good about themselves when they have the freedom to make mistakes and tell their own ideas, when they laugh freely and see the funny side of things

The Benefits of Drinking Water

Tap water makes the best drink!

Not only is it thirst quenching, but also contains fluoride which helps make teeth stronger.

Here’s what water has to offer:

it is cheap and readily available

it doesn’t contain any kilojoules or sugar

it encourages optimal function of the body

We should all aim to drink between five to eight cups of water a day. In the warmer months it is important to keep well hydrated. Always have water available when children are active. Encourage them to drink water regularly, even in cooler months.

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