science QUIZ study quide

wednesday 9/18

1. Safety Notes

  • only waft liquids.
  • if something spills, notify Mr. Leeds immediately.
  • you must keep your goggles on at all times.
  • you should wash your hands with soap and water after handling all chemicals.
  • never use force to remove or insert glass.
  • capping the alcohol burner puts out the flame because fire needs oxygen.
  • what is the nurse extension 2828.
  • you should never throw broken glass into the regular trash, but in the one in the back of the room.
  • if you get any chemicals on your skin you should flush your skin with water and notify Mr. Leeds immediately.

Reaction Lab

The purpose of The Reaction in a Bag is to record the observations that occur when multiple chemical substances are combined, and, to use my observations to understand the reaction of the chemicals.

The experimental error is if the bag had a whole in it, you would not know that a gas was being produced.

heating baking soda lab

The purpose of The Reaction in a Bag is to observe the reaction that occurs when baking soda is heated.

Volume Notes


unit of measurement: CM3 (cubic centimeters)

standard unit of length: Meter (M)

CM: 1 cm = .01 M

100 CM- 1 meter

A small cube: 1 cm on each side

Volume of Liquids

-use graduated cylinders to measure volume.

-must remember to check the intervals ML or CM3

-read from bottom of meniscus.


1. why do you think baking soda is used in baking?

  • it helps things rise when they'e heated they release a gas. many cubic centimeters are required to fill a graduated cylinder to the 50 mL mark?

  • 50 cubic centimeters.

5. adding stone to a graduated cylinder containing 25.0 cm3 of water raises the water level in the cylinder to the 32.0 cm3 mark. What is the volume of the stone?

  • the volume is 7.

Balance notes

  • check that the pan is clean and dry.
  • Always zero balance the pan before each massing; push all ridges to the zero on the left.
  • do not zero balance when done.
  • only pick up by red bar.
  • NEVER switch pans.