Unemployment Compensation

Nickolas Smart and Madison Altenhoff

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The Details and Requirements

  • Lost your job to no fault of your own? Get paid for up to 26 weeks by your employer!
  • Quit work with no good reason? Misconduct? Refuse referral form or work opportunities? Tough luck.
  • For application, provide social security number, the name and contact info of your former employer, job history, and bank routing number
  • Required to do 3 job searches a week
  • Up to around $275 a week if requirements are met
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The History Behind It

  • Federal Unemployment Compensation Act (FUCA) - enacted in 1939
  • Arose from the Great Depression
  • Originally called the Federal Unemployment Tax Act
  • Stemmed from the Social Security Act of 1935, which included unemployment insurance
  • Wisconsin the first to establish an unemployment insurance law, back in 1932
  • In Tennessee, started out as just 16 weeks of payment, increased to 26
  • Disqualification became harsher, but coverage extended to nearly all employers (1 or more employees)
  • 85% of UI claims are now filed remotely due to increases in technology