Media Center Update

October 2013


Powerschool is not working with the latest Java updates. Please do not update Java until further notice, even though you will be prompted to do so. If you have already updated and need help downgrading, see Mrs. Talent.


Since Gaggle integrated with Google, student passwords were reset to student ID numbers and faculty passwords reset to dcs2012.

When working with documents in the digital locker, be aware of the following:

  • Users will now be prompted to enter their Gaggle e-mail and password.
  • This means that as a teacher, it would be best for you to use Chrome for your Davidson e-mail (gmail) and Firefox or another browser for Gaggle. Otherwise, there could be a conflict between the two.
  • For students, this means they should clear the history before and after using Gaggle so that the previous user's Gaggle settings will not interfere with theirs.
  • Pop-up blockers should be turned OFF.

By law, all students must go through internet safety training every year. This will be done using Gaggle and will take place during first period classes. We will start scheduling these sessions soon; please watch your e-mail for details. Sign-up preferences will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Teachers, please make sure you know your Google password (the one you use to get your e-mail, calendars, and Drive). If you forget it, the link to request a reset is:


  • Me!
  • Media Center website
  • NC WiseOwl
  • EasyBIb (remember all sources must be cited, including images)
  • Magazines--including Upfront
  • Public Library/Bookmobile


Turn in old laptops to Mrs. Talent by Monday at the latest


  • Check the AUP Permissions and AUP No Permissions in your Google Drive for the latest updates
  • If you are holding any forms, please let us know.
  • Mrs. Magee sent forms to students who are missing theirs through first period teachers. Please help us get these completed & back.
  • Unfortunately, we will have to go through this process every year--next year we will try to make the process a little smoother for all involved.


If you get a survey via e-mail, please complete it as quickly as possible. It should not take more than a minute or two and the information helps me assess needs.


  • Just about everyone should be set up now. Please begin printing to the copiers at this time; let Mrs. Talent know if you aren't set up or have trouble. We will be sending a survey today or tomorrow to ask whether or not you have been successful in printing to the copier.
  • See this flyer for how to print privately from your computer and this video for a demonstration of how to retrieve documents sent to the copier.


Thanks so much for your support of the media program, your patience as we work out technology issues, and all the hard work you put in each and every day.