New Zealand Articles:

By: Payton Smith

"Car Obliterated In Crash" By: Belinda Feek

- This article was published on December 18, 2015


Fact 1: One wittness went up to the car and one of the men was yelling for help and saying his friends name over and over again. When the wittness looked at the friend, and thought he was dead but then saw his chest move up and down.

Reason- The wittness gave one of the men hope to keep fighting by telling him that his friend was still alive.

Fact 2: The driver of the car was munted, or in other words intoxicated.

Reason- This is the reason the car most likely hit the tree in the first place.

Fact 3: The engine was completely out of the car and was thrown onto the road near by.

Reason- This explains how totaled the car was after the crash.

General Summary:

On December eighteenth, two mid-thirty year old men were driving a car on their way to Hamilton. The driver of the car was intoxicated and which was the cause of the car crash. The car was coming around a hilly corner at accelerated speeds, and lost control of the vehicle. The car went off the road and crashed into a tree. The car was shredded to pieces, and had broken into two separate pieces.

The couple living across the street was awoken by a loud whack sound and had went outside to see what it was. When they walked outside they saw the wreck and heard a young man yelling for help and the name of his friend. One witness had calmed the screaming and intoxicated man down by confirming that his unconscious friend was still alive. When the paramedics arrived at the scene they were astonished that the two men were still living. To free the men from the vehicle they had to cut the metal off and break the windshield. Both men survived the crash, but are still in very critical condition at Waikato Hospital.

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While reading this article I was comparing it to my accident that I was in just little over a month ago,I could relate to how scared the man was for his friend who was in the car unconscious because I was scared that I was injured in my accident as well. I can barely imagine the sound that the witnesses could hear when the vehicle had contacted the tree. After seeing the images of the car, I felt empathy for the driver of the car. This image above will explain why I felt the way I did. One thing I have been wondering is, what legal actions will be taken towards the intoxicated driver. These are some of my feelings after reading this article.

"Kiwi Lifeguard Saves Prince" By: NZ Hearlad

- This article was published December 12, 2015


Fact 1: Malcolm saved a ten year old boy who was struggling to swim in a red flagged area.

Reason- The ten year old boy was Prince Christian of Tasmania.

Fact 2: The lifeguard refused any reward from the royal family.

Reason- Him refusing money is a great way of him showing off his great character and proving that he enjoys his job.

Fact 3: The royal family went back to the beach that day to enjoy the ocean.

Reason- The royal family coming back proves that they are very thankful for the lifeguard who saved the prince.

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General Summary:

This article is about a young lifeguard who spotted a little boy struggling to stay afloat in the red flagged area and saved him. Malcolm heard the scream for help and jumped into action right away, he saved the boy and brought him back to shore. Little did Malcolm know, but the little boy he had just saved was ten year old Prince Christian of Tasmania. The royal family was very thankful for Malcolm saving their son, they offered him a reward but Malcolm told them he was just thankful he saw it right away.


While reading the first part of the article, I was very happy to hear that this young lifeguard had saved this young buys life. I was surprised when I read that the little boy was a Prince! I think that if I was in Malcolm's place I would have taken the reward that the royal family offered because I wouldn't want to recline in case they found it rude.This article shows that people from New Zealand are like us in a way, we both like to help others and don't expect a reward. This article should be shared with others in m opinion to show an example of great character.

" Fuel Thieves Ram Farmer" By: Phillipa Yalden

- This article was published December 21, 2015


Fact 1: Farmers are fed up with the fact that people are stealing from their properties.

Reason- There has been five recent steeling that have happened in the last month at the same lake.

Fact 2: Thieves knocked Jill off of her bike last month.

Reason- They knocked her off the bike because the thieves were frantic to escape the farm after being caught while stealing from Jill's farm.

Fact 3: The thieves stole $370 worth of fuel from the farm.

Reason- The amount of things thieves are getting away with needs to be stopped.

General Summary:

The " Fuel Thieves" article is about a couple that own a milking farm in New Zealand that caught thieves in action. Jill woke up early one morning and looked out the window and noticed that the stable doors were open, which is unusual so she went outside and went to the barn. It wasn't until she was close that the thieves started to run away from the barn. By the time she had already stolen a 200- liter drum of fuel into their car and about half of the gas tank from one of the farm cars. Jill was frantic to stop them from escaping that she parked her motor bike across the driveway.

The driver of the car looked her right in the eyes and rammed her while she was on her bike because the thieves wanted to escape. They drove away and left Jill there screaming for help. The cops discovered that the thieves, and it turns out they were selling the fuel in the town near by. The thieves are still not caught, but investigators say they are getting closer and closer every day.


While reading this article I found it disturbing that people would have the nerve to run somebody over while looking at them in the eye. I am hoping that the thieves get caught soon and get arrested because they have been stealing gas from many people and are selling it to others which is not okay. In New Zealand stealing of gas is a frequent problem that needs to be fixed. I feel that the police need to set up cameras of farm properties to try to catch thieves. These are my reactions from reading this article.