2MU News

Weeks of May 25, 2015 and June 1, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope this newsletter finds you well! 2MU has been working very hard these past few weeks. Enjoy reading our 2MU to learn more about our class activities and lessons.

Week of May 25, 2015


  • Our Reading selection was entitled, Working in Space. Our comprehension skill was text and graphic features. By using text and graphic features a reader can better understand story details and text.
  • We read Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney ~ Inspired by a true-life story, Miss Rumphius shows us how we can all make the world a more beautiful place. Miss Rumphius spreads lupine seeds all over the land to make the world more beautiful. Inspired by Miss Rumphius, 2MU painted lupines using beautiful shares of pink, blue, and purple.
  • During Grammar, we learned about possessive pronouns.
  • As part of our spelling and phonics lessons, we learned about the vowel diphthongs~ ow and ou.


  • We celebrated our Opinion Writing Nomination Letters with our Fourth Grade Buddies in 4L
  • As writers, we completed our Buddy Biographies and created a drawing of our buddy to display our Buddy Biographies.


  • We began Unit 11-Whole Number Operations Revisited. We learned the Trade First Method of subtraction.
  • We learned a song to help us remember to "Trade First" when necessary. The song goes like this: More on the top, no need to stop; More on the floor, go next door and get 10 more; if the number is the same, zero is the name! The little rhyme is very helpful to the students in remembering when they need to "Trade First" before subtracting.


  • Our baby caterpillars arrived! We filled cups with mallow and we noted the growth progress each day.

Other Activities

  • We had Open House on Wednesday, May 27th. We hope you enjoyed seeing first hand all of the wonderful projects we have been working so hard to achieve our learning goals.
  • We attended the Healthbarn assembly in which we had the opportunity to not only learn about healthy eating, but to sample some of the various fruits, vegetables, and grains that make for healthy eating.

Week of June 1, 2015


  • We read Two of Everything this week. We focused on story understanding. characters based on their thoughts, words, and actions.
  • We also learned more about summarizing story details.
  • During Grammar, we learned more about possessive pronouns.
  • As part of our phonics and spelling skills we learned how to read longer words with the long vowels a and e. We also learned words with the vowel diphthongs oi and oy.


  • During Writers Workshop, we read the Great Kapok Tree and then wrote literature responses to comprehension questions.
  • We read Come on into the Rainforest and then illustrated and wrote about the various layers of the rainforest.


  • We learned more about making arrays. We used arrays to learn more about multiplication.
  • Using number stories, we learned how to multiply and divide.
  • We used a Multiplication table to understand and practice multiplying numbers.


  • Our caterpillars are in the chrysalis stage!
  • We studied the life cycle of a butterfly and completed a few projects to help us remember and understand each stage.
  • One of our butterflies emerged from its chrysalis on Friday...we were so amazed and excited!!

Other Activities

  • We attended the Boosterthon Fun Run Assembly. The children had a great time singing, dancing, and getting pumped for the big race!
  • We learned from Boosterthon coaches how to 'Plug in to Serve,' 'Amplify Others,' and 'Reflect for Feedback.' The children are enjoying the catchy songs and seem to understand the value of good character.

Science ~ Studying, Learning, Observing, and Documenting the Butterfly's Life Cycle

Healthbarn Assembly

Discussing The Great Kapok Tree

Science~ Observing the Chrysalis Stage

Illustrating the Life Cycle of a Painted Lady Butterfly

Sharing our Opinion Writing Book Nomination Letters with 4L Buddies

Boosterthon Kick-Off Assembly

Math ~ Fun Friday Centers

Our First Butterfly Emerged From Its Chrysalis!

Learning About the Haddonfield Watershed

As part of Colette's special guest visitation, Colette's grandmother taught and modeled for us the importance of not keeping the earth safe otherwise, pollutants travel into our watershed. Colette's Grandmother works for Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve. We enjoyed the demonstration while utilizing Lizzy Haddon's infamous outdoor classroom.

Star Student of the Week (Make-up Special Guest Visit Day)~ Colette Thomas

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