Exemplary Image



Many advertisements that try to get you to buy one of their products use self image to persuade you. They alter images of Celebrities or other people when its not even real. They use this technique only to get us to purchase the item and want it more and more. In magazines they photoshop the image of the person to make them look amazingly different. The fact that women or men are "perfected" to show unrealistic ideas is the issue. We all of a sudden show low self esteem because we want to be like "the girl in the magazine" and not ourselves. "Rowland maintains that these images cause everyday people to feel insecure about their own bodies, even if they have nothing to feel insecure about". (Rowland). What people don't know is majority of the models and actresses are touched up using technology. They don't wake up everyday looking naturally good and just are put in a magazine. Women are becoming so doubtful of their appearance that they want to get surgeries, have eating disorders, etc.

A helpful Solution

A solution to this media image disaster is to have a class to teach women and teens how to not worry about the advertisements. Worrying so much about the women in the magazines will cause depression. This sorrow will lead to eating disorders and other things due to this low confidence they are presenting. Another solution could be finding things that interest and inspire you. Ideas that will push you towards positive thinking, and stop reading magazines! “There are lots of ways to be beautiful and I think its sad that the media seems to be telling us we need to have the "look" of the moment or we simply aren't good-looking enough.”(Vancura)