Hawk Talk

Volume 2, Issue 8 October 12-16

Important this Week!

Monday 10/12/15

  • Professional Development--I would love to hear about the great things you experienced!
  • School Board Meeting 6:30
Tuesday 10/13/15

  • Clubs
Wednesday 10/14/15

  • Kirby out 1/2 day AM
  • Hajek Leadership Team Meeting 3:20
Thursday 10/15/15

  • 5th Grade travels to Camp Carter!
  • French Goal Setting at Central Admin 1pm
  • Only First Lego League (FLL) Teams 1 and 2 will meet from 2:55-5:00
Friday 10/16/15

  • 4th grade Team Time
  • French/Durst out for 504 Training 1-4

Hajek Hugs

Thank you, Mrs. Pena, for helping the fifth grade students prepare for their camp Carter skits!

From Candice: I would like to send a Hawk Talk hug to the PBIS team for having everything ready to go for me the first day of school! Because of their hard work over the summer it made it very easy for me to walk in and start on a day 1 with Soar Cards! Thanks to each of you! All of your hard work has not gone unnoticed!

Amen to that, Candice! Our PBIS success at Hajek is undoubtedly the result of the dedicated members of the PBIS team and their dedication to detail and implementation!

Thank you, Ginny Von Bose for your assistance with initiatives to assist our students in their success!

Thank you, science teachers, for giving up 1/2 of your lab for FLL and thank you for ensuring your students don't mess with the tables!

Thank you, Candice, for being my photo journalist during morning announcements! You've made this so much easier for all of us!

Thank you, Alaina, for sending me the picture and video of the NAO presentation.

Thank you, Debbie, for keeping on top of administrative regulations! I can always rest assured that our accounting is in order when I attend meetings!

Thank you, Kim V, for being a volunteer and helping with FLL. You are appreciated!

Thank you, teams, for your insightful and meaningful reflections from last Wednesday's PLC meetings. The Google glitch has been resolved and I will look at each folder to see what data uploads were compromised and upload them again.

Reminders, Reasons, and Regards Oh My!


  • 7:20-3:20 including duty. If you don't have a duty for the day, please have your sub assist in the gym with your other grade level teachers. You do not have the authority to dismiss a sub.

  • Please refer to the document from last Wednesday's brief meeting. If you were not in attendance, please get the information from a peer. Remember, the penalty for not doing the work is doing the work. Jana and I get to choose when. We just need to be notified by email of the issue and parent communication.
Classroom Visits

  • Jana and I are in the classrooms because of our personal goals and commitments. I have been made aware that some of you are under the impression that we are looking for things. In a way, we are--the great things you do in the classroom! You will be seeing us several times a week.
Film Club Sponsor

  • I am in need of a Film Club Sponsor. Email me if you would love this opportunity.