Teaching and Learning in RE

St Anthony's Girls' Catholic Academy


Hello and welcome to our brand new teaching and learning newsletter built specifically for the Religious Education department. Here is a chance for everyone to share resources and ideas to create a department that is leading in terms of teaching and development. If you wish to add any ideas to the next monthly newsletter please contact helen.moran@st-anthonys-academy.com

Mark's Gospel Revision


This year, Mark's Gospel has been our priority and the whole department has done a fantastic job in working collaboratively to create some fantastic opportunities and resources for our pupils. Here are some of our joint efforts as a quick reminder to everyone in these final few weeks...
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Revision mind maps

On the N drive are mind maps for every topic in the module. These can be copied onto A3 and used for revision or lesson purposes.
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Homework sheets

Resources to be used every lesson to remind pupils of exam technique and to re-visit past paper questions. The more practice...the better!

Roman Catholicism Ethics Revision

Revision videos

Online there is a plethora of resources for the Ethics module. One that has been found very useful by pupils are the MrMcMillanREvision YouTube videos. Here are the links to share with pupils or to use as quick reminders about topics covered quite some time ago. And we know how much they love a video!

A great example of the abortion video below...take a look.

GCSE RS Unit 3.2 (Part 3 of 5) Abortion | by MrMcMillanREvis