Madison Smith! Her Life and Career

By: Amelia Simpson To: Madison Smith


About Madison!

Madison is a very caring person who has a heart for others. She is always so happy and cheerful, she is always looking at the bright side of things. Madison is a very hard-working volleyball player, she loves to play and enjoys it very much!

Madison has a Dad, a Mom, a twin sister named Rylee, and a little brother named Bryce,

What a rally! Watch the best rallies from the FIVB Volleyball Women's World

Above is a video of one of the best volleyball games Ever!

Madison will someday be in a video like that. Rockin the bump, sets, and spikes!

Below are pictures of her good friends and her. She is a big part of the group and we love her!

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This is Madison and Rylee. Madison is #15 and Rylee is #16 (they are in their volleyball shirts) GO GIRLS!!