Becoming a: Band Director

By: Shiloh W.

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What Is A Band Director?

A Band director is a teacher that helps students to learn how to play an instrument and how to read musical notes.

Who Needs The Services Of A Band Director?

Students, ranging from 5th grade all the way to college, need the help of a band director to become excellent musicians or even better than the band director in the future.

How Could Anyone Find Out What A Day In The Life Of A Band Director Looks Like?

Any person could go to a school and talk to the band director and ask them if they can be a students teacher and help conduct and help out the students. Another person you could talk to is a student that is in band and ask the students how they see the band director. Two examples of events in a band directors day is to teach a class and to review and select pieces for students to play.

What Type Of Education Does This Career Require?

This job requires a high school diploma and a degree in music from a college.

Why Would Someone What To Be A Band Director?

Someone might want to become a band director because if you have an interest in music and have an ability to play an instrument and have fun you would want to become a band director.

What Is The Toughest Job Demand For This Career Field?

There is no real tough part about band directing but some people might consider learning all the instruments in a band a challenge. Once you get to learn one instrument then it is almost a smooth ride from there.

All The Instruments In A Band!!