Endeavour Library Newsletter

April 2019

Databases/Websites available!

Did you know that there are many databases and educational websites already paid for teacher and students to use? Well...here is a quick reminder on what they are and how you might want to use them!

  • BrainPop - paid for by our school's tech budget, BrainPop is a group of educational websites with games, videos and more covering everything from English to Health to Technology. A great resource if you are looking for a short video to explain a topic. Requires a log in - username=endbp password=2012end

  • CultureGrams - paid for by Washington State, Culturegrams is a great database to learn anything and everything on any country, state or province in the world. Food, music, population - it is all on Culturegrams! This database does not require a log in but you can only access it at school.

  • PebbleGo! - paid for by the library tech budget, PebbleGo is geared toward K-2 students and is a great place for students to research topics such as animals, science, biographies and social studies. Short explanations, lots of good pictures and the text can even be read to you. If students are researching a topic, this would be a great place to start! No log in is required. The link attached is our schools unique URL.

  • TrueFlix - paid for by the library tech budget, TrueFlix is geared toward 3-5 students. Have you ever read a Scholastic book in their non-fiction True Series? This database is digital versions of these books. They cover a ton of different topics and all students can access the same book at the same time.

Or better yet... just bookmark the Library Homepage where all of the above are linked and more!


What's been Happening in the Library this month?

Technology Available for Check out!

Don't forget that there are lots of fun technology tools available for check out to teachers:

  • Headphones with mics for Seesaw
  • Beebots - Six bee robots that you can program, good hands on intro to coding and problem solving
  • BreakOut Boxes - 4 boxes with multiple locks, students must solve clues and figure out how to break out!

Thanks for Reading!