Mood Tone and Author's purpose

Lets start with Tone. Some kinds of tone could be mad, sad, happy, and even scared. I will give you an example of one. Alex got home from school through his backpack to the ground and ran to his room his mom asked whats wrong and he yelled nothing. Alex is using a mad tone. You can change your tone by getting loud and soft.

Lets talk about Mood. Mood is your attitude. Like mad, sad, happy Mood fits in with Tone they make each other change. Mood could be like how you feel. If your dog died you would have a sad mood. hope you learned something.

Authors purpose is 3 types of speech. It is Entertain, Persaued, and Inform. they tell you if its just for fun or your going to learn something or there going to tell you something you might wont to do in life. this is an example, Ron looked at a book the title was Information about fishing. What type of speech is that book? If you said Persuaed or Inform you are correct. Hope you learned something!