The thief Kimbap

Restaurants of Daejeon, Korea

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<Thief Kimbap - Origins of the name>

Once upon a time, a mother bought some ingredients to make Kimbap in the next morning. However, a thief visited her house and stole the main materials for Kimbap in the night. Mom should make Kimbap with extra ingredients necessarily. The reamaining things are dried laver, rice, pickled radish and fried kimchi.Thief Kimbap is made by these things.

How much is it ?

It is one line 1,500 won.

It was 1000won former times. But because of price increase it is 1500 won now.

If you eat this kimbap, you will realize that it was very delicious.

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Where can l buy?

Thief Kimbap is sold in only Daejeon.

In Daejeon, there are 20 restaurants that can buy it.
You have to eat "Thief Kimbap" in Daejeon.
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