A Part Of Me

By Kevin Horwath

They say everyone is unique in their own way and that is something I believe in. As an 18 year old kid from the suburbs of Chicago attending school in another state I've met many people and each of them different from the next. This also applies to me, each of these people/items have shaped me to be the goofy kid I am today


Sassafras Roots - Green Day
A Day To Remember - Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End
All Time Low - The Party Scene
My music choice has always been a defining part of my life. I was never really one to get into pop or rap music like most people my age, I preferred to stick with my punk/pop-punk music. Eventually my music taste grew into the post-hardcore (or what most people call "screamo") genre. My specific music taste has been the source of some of my closest friendships with people and one thing new people identify me with. Music Is a huge part of my life besides being something in common with a few people. I constantly have headphones with me during the day listening to my music. Music has been around with me as background for the good times in my life as well as being therapy for the low times.


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My love for music is not only from listening, but also playing. I had initially learned to play guitar and later on bought my bass and taught myself how to play. Playing the bass felt more enjoyable to me and that was what I ended up focusing on. Playing my bass started as a way to kill some extra time by teaching myself how to play songs but it quickly became more. It became kind of a way of life for me. I play my bass daily and even had to buy a second one (pictured below) for being away from home. Playing my instruments have helped me express myself by learning and playing songs that relate to situations I've experienced. I have even recorded a little bit of bass with a couple of other friends who also play the guitar.


Goodfellas (1990) Official Trailer #2 - Martin Scorsese Movie
As a TCOM video production student, movies are a pretty big influence on me. From writing styles to editing tricks, watching movies has helped influence my own student films and shorts.

TV Production

Warrior Update; Episode 19; 4/17/14
In my high school career I was very involved in my schools television production class. This class was the reason I chose my major and college to attend to.

Video Games

Video games for me have been more than a way to kill some time. Growing up, games were the way my friend group communicated, we would all play games together, go hang out, come home, and play more games. Because of this my friends and I talked to each other almost every waking moment of the day.

Cross Country and Track

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Cross Country and Track was a big part of my 4 years in high school. It not only kept me in shape, it made me some of my closest friends, and taught me important lessons about discipline and time management

My Friends

My close friends are some of the most important people in my life. If I weren't friends with them I believe I would be a completely different person than how I am today. These guys influence a lot of the choices I make in life whether it be good or bad ones.