Sir Francis Drake

a great sailor

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Sir Francis Drake was born in Travistock Devon, United kingdom in 1540 . No one knows the precise date. He was very adventurous and brave. Along with cunning, skilled, smart, and fearless. Sir Francis Drake was also in the Angelo- Spanish War. Sir Francis Drake's parents were Mary Mlymave Drake and Edmund Drake, his spouses were Elizabeth Sydenham ( m. 1585 - 1596) and Mary Newman.

Achievements And Discoveries

Sir Francis Drake accomplished many things in his life. Francis Drake circumnavigated the world and he boarded/ sunk many Spanish ships. He also received credit for training his men in the art of broadside. Sir Francis Drake's first job ws when he was an apprentice to a man whom owned a small boat and when the man died he gave the boat to Sir Francis Drake.

Impact On The World

Sir Francis Drakes impact on the world was grand. Sir Francis Drake was the original cause of the Spanish war and since then the Spanish have always disliked him. He also inspired the world to sail across the seas and discover more about the Earth.
Sir Francis Drake Documentary