Development of Scientific Method

Korrine Nesbit

What is Scientific Method?

Scientific method is a research method that scientists. They will identify a problem, then they will gather data for the problem then you would formulate a hypothesis, lastly you would test the hypothesis out. They will have these controlled experiments and it will show whether the theory is true or if it is false.

Who is given credit for originally creating/proposing it?

During the Renaissance Galileo was given credit for originally creating the scientific method and using this method to prove or do disprove his theories.

Who is given credit for bringing it to life?

Scientists like Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton refined Galileo's method for the Scientific method, bringing it back to life after the Renaissance.

In what year did it originate?

It first originated in Europe in the early 1600's.

How was it used in the Renaissance?

They used the scientific method during the Renaissance mainly for Galileo using it to prove or disprove theories of his. He knew that a theory could never be completely true or false because of all the variables going into it, but using this method they could have a general idea on what the results would be.

How has the invention changed throughout the year and has it's purpose changed?

Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton refined the idea of scientific method but it's purpose is still the same, it is used to either prove or disprove a theory using an assortment of experiments.