Bros Bar & Grill

Tyrone Bruce

We sell ALL foods and ALL beverage!!

"Food taste so good make you wanna slap yo momma" Right "Willie" "Yeah boy momma *slaps*" - Friday After Next!


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Goals: To become one of the biggest food industries in the world. Make over $30,000 a week and have a restaurant in every state in the United States of America. Then end up making over 5.6 million a year.

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Hottest girls, Hottest food, and coldest beverages
2 Chainz - El Chapo Jr
A$AP Ferg - New Level ft. Future

Tyrone's Background

Came from a home with very little money and that inspired me to go to college and get my business degree and chef degree. Finished high school at Pilot Point High then attend The University of Miami. Then stayed in Florida to start up my lovely business that is called Bro's Bar & Grill. This Business was all started because I didn't want to live pay check to pay check. And so when I was ready to start my family my kids didn't feel the pain their dad went through.