come and learn what computers can do!

What they can do!

Computers can do many things, computers can browse the internet and get on websites such a, bing .com ect. Many people use computers every day. They are every where! homes, schools, hospitals, libraries ect. The computer has a lot of memory to store images,songs, and videos. Many people rely on computers for there everyday life. Computers are designed to do anything dealing information.

How they can be good!

There are many ways for the computer to be good. One way the computer can be good is that doctors can use computers to save peoples lives. Another good reason for the computer to be good is that people use them for work and it is a lot easier than pencil and paper.

How computers can be bad

People can use the computer for bad ways also. People will bully other people on social media. People can hack other people and possibly ruin there lives.