My Chinese's New Year!

By Keying Lin.

Don't get it wrong!

You maybe are wandering why I use this title for the first paragraph.

Well it's because, people keep getting Chinese, Japanese, and Korea mixed together.

Such as history, traditions, holidays, and all that stuff.

This is a Chinese traditions/holiday okay.


Family members give childrens, and teenagers a red paper bag with money inside.

They cook each other's favorite foods including you.

But if your a kid you don't have to cook.

Each person has to eat two eggs.

Family also get together at a place.

Everyone grows one years older on that day.

However you don't have to follow that rule if your not in China.

Because I'm years older in China.


It's because in China you are one years old as soon as your born.

Any ways lets not get off tract.

You put lanterns all around your home.

There's more than that in the Chinese New Year.

But this is about as much as I'll put in this paragraph.


We put red papers that are cut into a on our wall.

Also little paper people on the wall.

Red string will be hanged if wanted.

You might be wandering why we like red a lot.

Its not that we do.

Its just that people believe the color red will bring good luck.