Summer 2017 STEAM 6-8

Survivor Edition!

Summer Academy Presents: Survivor STEAM

This summers STEAM theme is survivor. Students will use the design process to "survive" a series of challenges presented to them. May the most prepared team win!
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Week 1

This week in Survivor STEAM...

This week students were introduced to the survivor theme. We started the week with a design challenge to create name tags. Then students were taken through the design process and learned how to tackle problems in STEAM as real engineers do. Finally, they were given their first team challenge; which team can build a bridge out of either paper or Popsicle sticks that is at least 50 cm. long and can withstand the weight of a rolling ball all the way across.

The next two days were jam packed with information on surviving in the wild with visitors from local Boy Scout Troupes who shared the how-to's of first aide, knot tying, orienteering, and basic survival skills. The kids got to practice their knot tying skills and were taken on orienteering course to put their compass to work.

Thursday, we put their survivor skills to the test with a series of challenges. Finally, they built a solar oven, which we will test out on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Ms. Cordero, Mr. Byrns, and Mrs. Chappas, Summer STEAM Team!


  • Next week Tuesday is 4th of July, so no academy, but we will make up the day by holding academy on Friday, July 7th.
  • Picture day is Thursday, July 7th, be sure to have students wear their STEAM shirts!!