Email to the Newspaper

By Betsabé

The traffic

I'm writting because my father told me that every time he went to Madrid he see a lots of cars and traffic that he can't avoid. I send a image with this email showing you that people have to be fully aware of all the cars and motorbycicles that are stucked all the weeks and mainly in weekends.

One of the main reasons of these jams is that people use too much the car or the motorbycicle to travel short distances, for example to buy the food or take the childen to the school, while very few families are knowledgeable about the traffic and consume of CO2 they use the public transport or they prefer to go on bycicle.

If we stay like this we've have a very big problem perhaps if we stop doing this we can not just stop loosing time in jams, we also help to stop the green-house effect consuming less CO2 and less petrol to feed the car.

Betsabé Millán

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