Serial Killers

Alexander Bychkov (RAMBO)


Born in 1989.

Their mother suffered from alcoholism, soon their father began to drink too. he hanged himself at the age of 40. Neighbors claimed that Alexander's father did this because of the infidelity of his wife. Their mother forced them to work hard on the family's vegetable garden from the age of five. the were also forces to work for money for their neighbors.

Alexander and his brother also committed petty thefts from the property of Townspeople.

His brother Sergie was badly beaten and had his brain injured after being thrown out of a car when it was on motion.

Alexander had to leave college in order to take care of his brother, who survived but eventually became disabled.


Committed his first murder on September 17, 2009. his victims was Yeugeni Zhidkov. he was 60 years old. he was stabbed to death and his corps was dismembered . He killed his other victims with a hammer or a knife and he also buried them on his back yard or put them at the city's rubbish dump.

He decided to kill in the warm season in order to make the police suspects migrant workers.

He killed a man who started to suspect him of the murders and tried to blackmail him.


The 1st corps was found in the spring of 2010, was Sergie Berevosky, an ex-partner of Irana Bychkova, in September of the same year two more were found.

On the night of January 21, 2012, he broke into a hardware store and stole 3 knives and money to the total of 9.908 RUB.

He was arrested later.

Police found in his home a personal diary with the title of "Lone Wolf", claimed to be responsible for all murders . He also wrote that he began to murder after being kicked of by his girlfriend.

Being questioned by police, Bychkov claimed that he ate livers, hearts , and muscles of his victims.

He was diagnosed with mixed personality disorder but mentally competent to stand trial.

He was found guilty of 9 murders and burglary. he was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Penza Oblast court on March 22, 2013.