The Japanese Vassals

Samurais of Japan!

What are the Samurai?

The Samurai are special class of warriors that was in Japan during the 1000s, they were probably the most loyal warriors in all of history. They fought for their masters for land or food. The word Samurai, translates to: Those Who Serve.

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Why are they so praised?

There are a lot of reasons for them being so praised throughout the years, Samurais swear a solemn oath when they become samurais, they also aim to follow a code called the "Bushido" or in english: Way Of The Warrior. This code called for: self-discipline, skill, bravery, obedience, and self sacrifice. Samurais were also the only ones permitted to ride horses in battle. They were also armed supporters of landowners.

Some ways of the Samurai

What happened to the Samurais if Japan was at peace?

Excellent question! Samurais were usually forced to take a new job, such has a merchant, a trader, and more.

The Samurais gear

The Samurai's gear included a lamellar armor called O-Yoro, (Great armor in Japanese)

They carried a sword called the Katana, the katana is a curved sword that was mostly used by samurais and ninjas, katanas aren't that present/common today, but can still be found,

sometimes some martial artists have them as trophies to show their worth. In fact, in Karate, sometimes people give sword holders (Katana included) for getting a type of belt.

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In conclusion, the Samurai were a group of skilled warriors hired by landowners to defend their land by paying in land/food, the Samurai were the only ones allowed to ride horses during battle, I know it's kind unfair... Thanks to Easybib for helping me cite all of my sources, and big thanks to Thanks for reading, and goodbye.