Pink Slime

By Rainey Bailey

Pink Slime

Look at the McDonald's hamburger you are eating. That burger may contain lean finely textured beef or pink slime. Pink slime is ammonia treated beef trimmings mixed with a little good beef. Pink slime is in our food supply.

Originally used in dog food, pink slime is a very low grade meat. It has been used in some cafeterias, McDonald's, Safeway, Kroger, and many more places. It can carry pathogens, so to clean it they spray it with ammonia. Also it is lower in protein then normal meat.

In pink slime's defense many cows are saved from slaughter because all the meat is being used, so less cows need to be killed. Also I understand that not all schools have the funds to buy other kinds of meat, for pink slime is cheaper.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for...How pink slime is made! butchers take the good meat to use in other food and then give the trimmings to the processors. They then mash up the trimmings, sometimes little pieces of bone and tendon get into the mix. It is treated with a puff of ammonia to kill off any pathogens that may be on the meat. It is then used to make burgers, and different kinds of products containing meat.

Although scientists have proven that pink slime is not unhealthy for the human body, many people, me included, think that it is plain disgusting! So next time you chomp down on that McDonald's burger think about what you're eating, because our food supply is infected with pink slime.

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McDonald's Pink Slime