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Ian L.

When I read there is an unlimited amount of information available to me. I try to make the most of it and often times I find myself lost in the magic of reading


I would consider myself an avid reader. Whenever presented the chance I read. I read to escape from reality and enter the world the world of reading, where I can experience absolutely anything.

Ten Things About me as a Reader

1. Reading brings peace that is too easily disturbed.

2. I think that most dystopian future books are overrated and all very, very similar. The world needs a change from peoples pessimistic views on the future. (Can't say I'm very different.)

3. I read much faster than normal people.

4. I prefer fantasy and sci-fi books more than any other genre.

5. I hate it when a book that seemed good progresses into a terrible book

6. I have trouble waiting for some books. Books take forever to write!

7. Although I don't go to the library often, somehow I always have a book to read.

8. Reading only happens in quiet.

9. I don't often turn my books in time.

10. I can only read one book at a time.

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Bastille - Pompeii

My Interests and Favorites

My favorite books are The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Steelheart, and What If?. My favorite magazine is TIME. Some authors I admire are Brian Selznick and Christopher Paolini.

Steelheart is about the world in the future were mostly evil beings with super-powers called epics rule the world. The main character, David, lives in what used to be Chicago, Illinois. He joins a rebel group called the Reckoners to kill the tyrant Steelheart.

My Latest Blog Entry

Right now I am reading Ready Player One . It is about a boy named Wade Watts. It is the year 2044 and virtual reality is real. In OASIS (virtual reality) people can do near anything and people feel free. It's a form of escape from the state the world is in right now. But when the creator dies he leaves behind a challenge. Find the prize and his immense riches and OASIS are yours. They must find three keys and the three corresponding gates. After five years people people have been losing hope. Until a name pops up on the scoreboard.

Overall it is a really great book. It does have a LOT of 80's referencing though.

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The Ability


Artemis Fowl


The Hypnotists


Artemis Fowl


Book Recomendations

For recommendations I think that EPIC reads is the best. It not only has good recommendations but it has an interesting blog and many contests, giveaways and more.


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