Third Six Weeks!

Ms. Zitzman's Reading and ELA Classes

Is anybody else's hair on fire???

I can hardly believe we are almost halfway through the school year! We are approaching one of the busiest times of year for most families. Make sure the kids (and you!) are getting enough rest and healthy foods so we can push through to the holiday break!

Don't forget===food drive until Thursday Dec. 4th!

Gift idea for your kids...

Most of the kids are down to pencil nubs or no pencils at all! Pencils make a WONDERFUL stocking stuffer! Hint, hint, hint!!! :-)

Rockin' and Rollin' in Reading

Did you catch that alliteration? :-) We have a ton of skills to learn this six weeks, and figurative language is only one of them. Something I am really excited about is that we'll be doing a novel study starting next week: Watsons Go To Birmingham. This is an excellent book set in the tumultuous 1960s with a focus on the civil rights issues of the time. I'm looking forward to some great conversations as we read, and we'll be practicing a ton of reading skills, too(point of view, vocabulary, cause & effect, figurative and sensory language, dialect, and more!)

ELA Excitement

In ELA class this term, we've got a lot going on! In grammar, we're going to step into a new realm of sentence variety by learning how to write complex sentences. This should spice up our writing nicely! We'll do a couple formal essays (one expository and one narrative), and will produce the COOLEST product in research writing. We are doing our research on an influential person of the 1960s to coordinate with our Reading novel study. But instead of writing a boring research paper, we are creating a FAKEBOOK profile for these individuals!!! Fakebook is an online educational resource that the kids will use to build a profile page for the person they are learning about. We'll combo our recent learning about quotation marks with our research to find famous quotes from these individuals that will become their "posts". I'm really excited to see these products!

Have a FANTASTIC holiday break!