Write about an explorer and his/her journey.

Start with a fact file about the explorer you chose.

1) Name

2) When he/she was born

3) Where he/she was born

4) When did he/she die ( or not)

5) Where did he/ she live (still living)

A) Choose an Explorer.

1)Write a paragraph about the explorer you chose and describe his/her journey.

Describe the Journey

1) Where did he/she travel?

2) Did he/she discover anything new?

3) How did he /she prepare for the journey?

4) What equipment did he/ she take along?

5) Did they go alone or with a team?

6) How long was the journey?

B) Write 3 characteristics that you think an explorer must have that can help him/her as an explorer.

C ) Would you have liked to participate in your explorer's journey?

Why /why not?

D) Add pictures

E) Add a map

Christopher Columbus Discovering America Story