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Important Information for Educators - December 2018


It's hard to believe that it's almost winter break. With the New Year upon us, it is time to reflect and look forward. We have had many positive things to celebrate in our schools in 2018. The beginning of our high school construction project, the launch of our Kinder BRIDGE program, 2 Schools of Distinction, many staff, athletic and extracurricular awards, more than 186 new EVHS alumni and countless lasting impressions with our students and community.

It seems that the new trend in resolutions is to pick one word and allow that word to guide you as you take on the challenges of the New Year. As we look forward to 2019, the word GROWTH comes to mind for East Valley. Growth for ourselves professionally, growth for our district and school programs and especially for the growth of all students in our schools. The expectations of student performance have risen year after year to new heights, and along with that, the expectations of our staff to prepare our students for the rigor they will be facing. We want our students to overcome and accept these new opportunities. To truly lead them to success, we need to believe that growth is possible for every child, in every classroom, in every building in our district. But first, we need to believe that we, as educators, can and will rise to these new challenges and set an example of perseverance and growth for our students, peers and community.

It is my hope that we all leave for winter break to spend much needed and well-deserved, precious time with our families and loved ones, and return with a mindset of continued growth. Have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season!


John Schieche

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In our district we believe that ALL STUDENTS deserve a nurturing environment that is physically, emotionally and intellectually safe.

It is essential that ALL CLASSROOM DOORS REMAIN LOCKED AT ALL TIMES. According to Jesus Villahermosa, a nationally recognized expert in the area of active shooters, no classroom with a locked door has ever been breached during an active shooter crisis. It's that simple... If our doors are locked, our students are safer. We know that it can be inconvenient at times with students coming in and out of class to use the restroom or for other reasons, but it is necessary and it is expected.

It is also important to recognize warning signs early and...If you See Something, Say Something!



Year-end data is becoming available and we're getting ready to send out our Annual Report to the Community. We want to highlight our EVSD TOP 90 - showcasing student, staff and school successes!

Did you or your students win an award or were you recognized for something special? Did you apply for a grant and get it? Did your student group organize a successful event? Did you go back to school and finish a degree or earn any new credentials? Do you know of someone else that won an award, but is too shy to tell? We want to hear ANY & ALL that you have to share! Click on the picture above to submit your success or email Brittany Kaple at kaple.brittany@evsd90.org

TAKE OUR PD SURVEY! (Less than 5 minutes)

We know many employees in our buildings also coach and lead student groups. We will be offering Communications PD sessions for staff to help provide tutorials on tools for engagement. Sessions will be hands-on and interactive. Which interest you?


It's almost everyone's favorite time of year...Yep, tax season! Make sure that our payroll department has your most current address and contact information on file so that your W-2 is delivered to the proper address, in a timely fashion. Contact our payroll officer, Karla Ruggles, for more information at ruggles.karla@evsd90.org or by calling (509) 573-7325.

December Birthdays!

We hope you do something fun to celebrate your special day this month! - East Valley District Office Team

  • Janice Apodaca - December 2nd
  • Constance Cooley - December 2nd
  • Jessica Knapp - December 3rd
  • Sonia Arias - December 5th
  • Renee Weyrick - December 5th
  • Janet Dominguez - December 6th
  • Gina Holloway - December 7th
  • Kelly Wayenberg - December 7th
  • Kelly Kruger - December 8th
  • Stephine Burkett - December 9th
  • Arianna Gress - December 9th
  • Kristina Cortez - December 10th
  • Jennifer Powell - December 10th
  • Robin Smith - December 10th
  • Lynda Matthews - December 11th
  • Cherie Trammell - December 11th
  • Kevin Bound - December 16th
  • Connie Colton - December 16th
  • Laura Lean - December 19th
  • Eric Olmstead - December 19th
  • Paige Engquist - December 21st
  • Virginia Calderon-Cortez - December 23rd
  • Robert Kadell - December 23rd
  • Nicole Rowland - December 23rd
  • Kathleen Carr - December 25th
  • Erin Hollingberry - December 26th
  • Edna Jongeward - December 26th
  • Toni Nugent - December 26th
  • Linda Harrison - December 27th
  • Rebecca Rodriguez - December 28th
  • Gregory Fuentes Jr. - December 29th
  • Lori Wilson - December 29th
  • Kara Campbell - December 30th
  • Alma Rojas - December 30th
  • Abigail Bruskland - December 31st


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