Caddo Tribe

Sofia Remolina


The Caddo tribe usually lived in grass houses


The food the Caddo tribe ate was corn, beans, squash, dear, turkey, rabbits, squirrels and other animals in the pine woods around them.


The men wore breech clothes made out of bark, fabric or dear skin. The woman wore knee length skirts also made from deer skin, fabric or bark.
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The Caddo usually wore plumes on their head, painted faces and bodies, feathers and big earings. The men often cut their hair short and painted the tips. The woman had long hair or braids.
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The Caddo were usually hunters and farmers.
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They were mound builders.
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The Caddo tribe was located in Oklahoma, East TX.
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Interesting Facts

The name Caddo comes from the Indian word kadohadach which means true chiefs.
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