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Need of Earthwork Survey in Different Projects!

For construction of any type of commercial or residential project first of all we have to find out a suitable location for that project. With the help of topographic and detailed surveys we can find suitable location for our project. But earthwork is always required to make site completely suitable for our project.

Earthwork includes extraction, loading, transportation, improving, placing, stabilizing and compacting of soil. Earthwork is widely used in construction of roads, railway infrastructure, platform for industrial and commercial building, water engineering, flood defense, landscape embankments and there are many more constructions works where earthwork is required. However, before earthwork it is always required to conduct special surveys to find out what volume of soil is required to be extracted, moved or filled to make location perfect for construction of different projects.

This survey is conducted with the help of different earthwork equipments in Australia which help in finding exact point on location from where soil is to be removed and where soil is required to be filled. It is done by creating cross-sectional layout of the location with help of special software. This software performs all calculations and tells the exact depth, height, distance and angle to remove or fill soil.

In earthwork mainly following four types of heavy earthwork equipments are used:

· Excavators

· Rippers

· Extractor Haulers

· Compactors

Excavators are used to dig or move soil in large and small projects. In earthwork it is used to remove soil from a location to dig in land or reduce height. It consists of a driving base and an arm with a special attachment to for digging. Ripper is a claw like device to break ground surface or rock into small pieces so that it can be easily removed and transported. Extractors haulers are used to removed and move soil from one place to other place. Compactors are used to compress or compact soil by applying force or weight.

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