Come and join us in the New World

By: Kyile LeFils

What colony one is for you

Do you like the warm weather and snow in the winter? Do you like to fish or hunt, be a farmer or even cut timber. You should come to the colony's, read on and see what one is for you.

The New England Colony

The New England has a lot to offer. They have thin rocky soil, forests and lots of them, and its off the Coast of Atlantis Ocean. If you would like a job you could build houses, cut timber, be a sailor, or even go hunting for fish and animals. The New England colony traded goods with other colony's. They traded tools, salt, and gunpowder. The natural resources are timber, fish, whales, and furs from an animals. Only the church going men were the only people who could vote and the colony had the freedom of religion.

The New Netherlands

The New Netherlands has rich soil and it's on the coat of the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is warm and there is some jobs too. One job is being a farmer, another is trading good. If you want to trade you would mostly deal with cattle and if you wanted to be a farmer you would be picking a lot of wheat. You could find iron, furs, and timber if you went to explore and if you wanted the freedom of religion come here. This might just be the place for you.

The Southern Colony

The Southern Colony has rich, farming soil, flat land and, it's along the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It has the warmest weather of all and there are lots of jobs. One job is farming in the plantation. If you go to explore you might find indigo (dye), fish, timber, rice, and tobacco. They trade tobacco, rice, and it's a Key trading center. If your a catholic this is the place you might want to go.

Have you picked?

The colony's all have good things and bad things about them, but they need you.