Jamestown 1607

Ericka Cox

Settlers of Jamestown

In April of 1607 three ships came over to America landing in Virginia. This settlement would be called Jamestown, and would be the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Though it would only be considered permanent after a short time of abandonment in 1610. At their arrival the settlers got off to a rough start with Indian attacks. At the ship Christopher Newport took a box with the names of the men of their council and drew to elect their president. The men included in this box were Captain Christopher Newport, Edward Maria Wingfield, Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, Captain John Ratcliffe, Captain John Martin, Captain George Kendall, and John Smith. Edward Maria Wingfield would then be elected for president.
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The Jamestown River and Fort

After choosing their permanent location for settlement, James town island, the started to build. On arrival the settlers started to build a fort to protect themselves against Spanish and Indian attacks. After they settled Newport led a large group of men up the Jamestown river. On this exploration they met the the Powhatan Indians who were ready and willing to trade with them. After an Indian attack on them, the settlers began building a bigger and better fort for themselves. This new fort was described as being triangular.
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Death in Jamestown

Many of the original colonist died within a short time. In the first winter more then half the colonists died. After the departure of Captain Christopher Newport to England, the settlers began to contract different kinds of disease. The nasty, dirty water probably caused most of the deaths. They were also dying few from Indian attacks and from starvation due to lack of food. Chief Powhatan and his tribes send gift to the settlers to try and help. If these people weren't helping in the beginning of the early part of the settlements development, they would've died from either starvation or disease.
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And now... For a laugh!

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