Spring cleanse mind & body

yoga & meditation classes in Southampton

Spring is perfect for cleansing

Its a time when everything renews and fresh blood comes in the body. We will work with kriyas to aid this renewal of both body and mind.

Physically we will cleanse the bloodstream and renew our rhythms and metabolism to feel fresh. For the mind we will meditate for clarity, focus and rejuvenation.

"Try to realize that there is a built-in cleansing process in your body, like lymph glands, sweat glands, liver cleans your blood, kidneys clean your blood. There are so many cleansing systems in your mechanical body.

In your mental body also, there is a huge vastness of consciousness, which cleanses you always, always, and forever if you want it. "(Yogi Bhajan)

meditate to keep the mind clean

Meditation is nothing but cleansing the mind through a process. You will take a bath so that you may not stink, but if you don’t take a bath and you put on cologne, you will stink differently.

Meditation is the cleansing of the mind so that mind can tell you who you are. (Yogi Bhajan)