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September 2023

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Wesley is rich in tradition and always looking towards the future. We welcome you to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 10am. Everyone is welcome. http://www.wumcsf.org

Save the Date- September 23!

Habitat for Humanity's Harvest Festival is Saturday September 23 from 4p to 7p. Habitat for Humanity and Community Revitalization Collective - CRC- sponsor the event and this year it is located in Wesley's parking lot. The Neighborhood Revitalization recruits volunteers who go out in the community and help fix up low-income housing. Starting at 4p booths will hand out information on services available to the Whittier neighborhood. At 5p a "Harvest" meal is served to everyone.

All of these activities are available to everyone free of charge.

Wesley's role in Rock the Block Harvest Festival

The Neighborhood Revitalization asked if they could set up in Wesley's parking lot. They are not asking Wesley for money or to provide volunteers.

In conjunction with the Harvest fest on 9-23, Wesley will open the rummage room from 3p -7p. Items are available for a free-will donation. There is volunteer sign-up sheet in the Narthex with shifts from 2:30-5p and 5 - 7p. This is strictly volunteers for the rummage room. We are still taking donations. To donate or questions call the church or Mary P.

The use was approved by the Trustees and the Ad Council.

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Join the fun! Bring a friend and help clean the church! Signup sheet and an outline of duties is in office or Narthex.


Wesley's team was 4th place out of 10.

Way to go Team Wesley! (and coach Doug)

General Budget update @ July 31, 2023

Income 7 months 2023------ --------------------$65,972.46

Expense 7 months 2023 ----------------------- ($ 93,770.51)

Expense exceed Income @ 7/31/2023--------($27,798.05)

Don Armstrong, Treasurer

Building and Grounds

Balance 6/30/2023----------------------------$18,468.46

Donations July 2023------------------------------$210.00

Interest earned July 2023---------------------------$6.28

Balance 7/31/2023 ----------------------------$18,684.74

Don Armstrong, Treasurer

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United Women in Faith

We will be taking a break in September from meeting for UWF at Wesley. However, there will be a district meeting Sept. 16 at First UMC in Sioux Falls (Registration $10 includes lunch). If you are interested in attending, let me know and I will let Mary Richards know you will be attending. There will be a guest speaker from REACH a literacy program. Please consider joining us for fun, fellowship, worship, and learning about REACH. They are asking that we each bring a children’s book to donate to REACH.

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It's time again for the Shoebox Christmas across North and South Dakota.

To start, wrap the bottom and top of a shoebox separately with Christmas gift wrapping paper. Add items that you purchased into the box. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, ask them what they would like for Christmas. Add that, a few more smaller gifts, some candy, a winter hat, mittens or gloves, place a rubber band around the box and then the top. Label the box with the age group and gender of the child on top of the box. Use the following age groups when you create your label: infant, toddler, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13 and up. Please only add new toys and please do not put any clothing except the hats, gloves or mittens in the boxes.

We have empty, wrapped boxes left over from last year if you need a box or boxes to fill. We can always use more empty boxes as well if you have any you would be willing to share with us.

Bring the filled boxes to Wesley by Nov. 5 and someone will get them to the pickup site which has not been announced yet. Last year we collected 31 boxes. I think we can do better this year.


Alzheimer’s medication approved by the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the drug lecanemab for people with early Alzheimer’s disease, making it easier for older adults to get the first drug proven to slow memory and thinking problems.

The decision was closely watched by patient advocates and scientists alike because Eisai and Biogen’s drug, sold under the brand name Leqembi, is the first beta amyloid-targeting medication to pass the FDA’s full review. The approval also is expected to trigger Medicare coverage for adults over 65 who have been unable to afford the $26,500-a-year drug. More than 6 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, the fifth-leading cause of death for adults over 65.

The drug works by clearing beta amyloid, a protein the accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Drug companies have pursued amyloid-targeting drugs for two decades on the theory that removing clumps of the protein from the brain could delay or halt memory and thinking problems. Eisai said its study showed people administered a biweekly infusion of the drug declined 27% more slowly than a placebo group.

FDA bolsters safety warnings

The FDA will require a boxed warning about the drug’s known side effects, which include brain swelling and tiny bleeds. These side effects, called amyloid- related imaging abnormalities, occur in some patients who take Leqembi or other amyloid-targeting drugs. While most patients won’t notice symptoms that typically surface early during treatment, some experience headaches or infusion-related reactions such as fever, chills or stomach discomfort. The safety language warns “serious and life-threatening events rarely can occur,” including strokes.

Doctors also should be cautious when prescribing the drug to patients on blood thinners, the FDA said.

Improved access

The FDA’s full approval means Medicare will pay for the drug as long as prescribing doctors participate in a registry, or a database that tracks how well the drug works. Medicare said such registries are used to learn how patients fare after taking newly approved drugs or undergoing procedures.

The drug has been limited mainly to people who can afford the full price or have qualified for a clinical trial. If Medicare extends coverage following FDA’s approval, “this really changes access of the medication to a wide group of people,” Galvin said.

Advocates hail FDA move

Joanne Pike, Alzheimer’s Association president and CEO, said the FDA’s approval means patients can access a drug that “can give people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s more time to maintain their independence and do the things they love.”

“This gives people more months of recognizing their spouse, children and grandchildren,” Pike said. “ This also means more time for a person to drive safely, accurately and promptly take care of family finances, and participate fully in hobbies and interests.”

Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, said Leqembi’s approval is a “major catalyst for change” for how the doctors care for dementia patients. However, he said other treatments now being developed attack Alzheimer’s disease in other ways, such as targeting tau tangles also found in brain neurons. He added other studies show lifestyle changes can slow cognitive decline.

Dawn Armstrong, Parish Nurse

Our Members and Friends in Care Facilities or Under Home Care

Tuff Home in Hills, MN: Jackie Dreyer

Good Sam / Hill: Linda Varud,

Southridge: Guy Varud; Cleova Frahm

VA in Luverne: Bob Morrison

Friends to hold up and remember:

Sympathy - to the friends and family of Deloris Dow who passed away August 23.

Zelma Dean - Rehab after hospitalization

Carole Anderson -doing rehab

Trish Garcia - had surgery now rehab

Bev Baartman - daughter Julie had spine surgery

Erlene's cousin Jeff there have been small improvements after a stroke

Aggie Borman - recovering from a heart transplant and doing great

Sandy - Bernie McCabe's daughter, ongoing illness

Carmen Britt - Sister Kim and Brother-in-law, Dave - prayers needed

Kolby Bohmbach – Continued prayers for good test results

Felsheim Family – working to keep Bennett safe

Karen Renken- continued prayers for healing

Bob Whiting’s daughter Robyn –doing well after a kidney transplant

Nila & Karen’s sister-in-law Karen - continued prayers

José Garcia’s mom, Maria Herrera - breast cancer

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Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

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