Oklahoma City national bombing

The tragic day

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This is a photo of what the building looked like after the bomb had exploded

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The Oklahoma City national memorial

Have you ever wondered about the history of Oklahoma City ? Have you ever thought how it used to look like and be like ? We'll NOW YOU'LL KNOW ! This paper your reading talks about the history , the bad about the town , the good about the town , and the tragedy but most importantly the bombing of Oklahoma City . Plus the memorial of Oklahoma City .

There was a time where civilization was great . Until a guy named Timothy McVeigh bombed the place . It was the morning of April 19th 1995 and at percicley 9:02 AM the bomb had exploded . 30 children were orphaned , 219 more lost at least one parent . 168 people 19 of them children were killed . 168 people were killed in the explosion and the explosion also destroyed the entire north face of the building also at least 19 babies were killed in the attack .

There are some remains a portion of the north wall . Also the entire east wall of the original Murray building remains . The building was imploded on May 23rd 1995 . On October 1997, presedent Bill Clinton signed a law creating the Oklahoma City national memorial . The Oklahoma City national memorial exists because of events that happened on April 19th 1995 . More than 637 names were listed on the survivors wall on the outdoor symbolic memorial .

On Veterans Day , we honor all the men and women who have served our country . One of the first steps of recovery was erecting the Oklahoma City national memorial . A stunningly emotional monument and memorial dedicated to remembering each and every soul taken that day . The place was built from 1997 - 2001 .

The location is Oklahoma City , oklahoma USA . The visitation is 350,000 per year . It's coordinates are 35 degrees 28 inch 22 inch N 97 degree 31 inch 2 inch W . The governing body is : Oklahoma City national memorial found action and national park . Timothy McVeigh was the person behind the bombing .

Within the first hour 50 people were rescued from the Murrah federal building . 153 people had been treated at st. Anthony's hospital . Over 70 people at Presbyterian and 41 at university . 18 people were escorted to children's mercy . 45 minutes later the last survivor a fifteen year old girl found under the base of the collapsed building .

At the memorial there's tomb stones lined up . The tomb stones glow at night and it's just so beautiful . Many of the people who died have beautiful flowers on their grave . Some tomb stones there have babies varied there too . Also some just children and veterans .

To be concluded the memorial is very beautiful and very we'll done . It's very sad and emotional to be at the memorial site because of all the souls that passed . The children and the veterans and babies are all in a better place now . Also people who were lost are very much missed .

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Those are photos of events in the area of the tragic attack of the bomb

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