Miss Elizabeth's 3rd Grade Trip

We are going to the zoo for our 3rd grade field trip!

What the trip is

The kids will be going to the zoo for a fun hands-on trip so the kids can learn more about the structure of animals and how they live and thrive in their environments.

About the trip

  • The trip will be on August 18th at 2:30pm
  • We are going to the Greenville City Zoo
  • It will cost $45.00 per student
  • Permission slips due on August 14th
  • Lunch will be provided for each student with no added cost
  • We will be leaving at 2:30pm and should return at 3:30pm
  • Chaperones are needed and parents may volunteer
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South Carolina Standard

Standard 2.L.5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how the structures of animals help them survive and grow in their environments.