Effects, Common Areas, and Measures of Control

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Effects of Poliomyelitis

Poliomyelitis or "Polio", when it is a less serious case, causes discomfort as well as uneasiness, headaches, slight fever, red and sore throat, and vomiting. In more serious cases, Polio affects the CNS (Central Nervous System) and could paralyze you, along with respiratory issues, shock, pneumonia, and lung problems. Could even kill you. Polio can be spread directly from person to person contact, contact with infected mucus or phlegm from nose or mouth, or contact with infected feces.

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Common Areas of Poliomyelitis

Polio is only common in three areas.. Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. They are the only places that are Polioendemic as of 2013.

Measures of Control for Polio

For the lighter cases of Polio, the doctors try to control the patients symptoms and let the infection run its course. Depending on the severity of the case they use moist heat to control spasms and pain, they give the patient painkillers, braces or corrective shoes, physical therapy, or orthopedic surgery to regain muscle strength and function.

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