Tech Tuesday! December 1st

Tech tips to keep you informed

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EDCAMP NJ - A reflection and a call for involvement

On November 21 2 brave souls, Mr. Kulak and Mr. Walsh, traveled up to Springfield High School with me to experience EdcampNJ. We attended many interesting sessions, led some discussions and, perhaps the best part, met other educators from around the state and discussed all the things we are most passionate about in Education and how to improve. The most striking realization I keep having when I attend events is how far ahead we are at Collingswood. Across every grade level, we are taking risks and trying new strategies that other districts haven't even dreamed about yet. I hope everybody realizes what a great job we do as a district.

As we stated at our Talking Tech PD day - We want to bring an Edcamp to Collingswood and we are starting to plan now. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know!

Google Classroom - Clearing up assignments and how students should submit work

Google Classroom is meant to make your workflow easier. If students are not submitting properly, sending you emails or just sharing their docs with you, life only gets more difficult for you. See the screencast below for clarification on how you can assign work and how students should submit work to you.
Classroom Work Creation/Submission
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Google tip - Search 3 before me

A strategy I heard long ago that I unfortunately never implemented (because I apparently like getting pelted with questions like Buddy the Elf pelts kids with snowballs) is "Ask 3 before me". I thought a simple strategy to help kids confirm information that they find online is to tell them to "Search/Google 3 before me". While its entirely possible to find the same bad information 3 or more times on the internet, it should certainly cut down on the quick belief that anything posted on the internet is true phenomenon (that's the technical name). It also isn't very difficult. While I promote using databases and primary sources for true research projects, helping kids to take 1-2 extra minutes before they believe something they read is an important skill they need every day of their life. If nothing else, we don't want them to be "that guy" posting the latest Facebook privacy statement hoax.

FMOT (Follow me on Twitter)

Jon Harper @Jonharper70bd. Jon is a Vice Principal in Maryland and a prolific blogger. He is a very sentimental soul and I love reading his blog. Do yourself a favor and give him a follow to see what he has to say.

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App 1 of the Week - Slack

I'm really excited about this. Like REALLY excited. Slack is blowing up all over the business world as a way to significantly decrease if not eliminate workplace email all together. At its core it is a messaging app but it has a lot of features that can help improve communication and productivity. I'm looking for people to pilot it with me this month and hoping to invite all of you in January. If you are interested let me know.

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App 2 of the week - Declara

If you have heard of Pocket and Sribble (other great apps) - this is very similar but I like the experience a little more. Basically you can save articles and resources here and annotate them and have discussions with others. For 2 great articles about email and Slack - check out my declara collection here: