No Promises in the Wind


Book Title

The book title is "No Promises in the Wind". It takes place during the Great Depression. He has to leave his house and has to take care of himself and his little brother. They are both on their own with no money what so ever. They have to provide for themselves. And they have to find there own jobs so that they will not go hungry or die from hypothermia.

Conflict and Outcome-Man vs. Society

The reason it is man vs society is because Joey and Josh have to try to get money. There are people how do not like the poor beggars and will cause bodily harm to them. They have to get a job in a falling economy wich can be very hard to get a job. Not only that but he needs the job to stay alive. If he doesn't get the job he and Joey could both die.

Characters Remarks

Josh said that he would be grateful for any job that he could get even if they barley pay him. It relates to the subject because it showed how he had to find a job for himself to provide for him and his brother. He had to beg for food and he didn't want joey to see him beg. Another thing that he has to do is work and try to support himself while at the same time he has to support joey by doing what ever work he can find. When he stops after the train stops and he is forced to get off at a town all the towns people wanted them gone so he had to rely on himself to keep Joey and himself safe and alive.

Contrasts Between Characters

There are a couple of differences between Joey and Josh. One of the differences is that Joey was born sickly and is more fragile than Josh which is not good for what they were going to do. Another thing is that Josh is very stubborn in his ways while Joey is more open to change and being open to change is good. Another one is that Josh is older than Joey which is good in certain things like begging. The last thing is that Josh is a very musically gifted person and Joey would be a great singer except that he goes of the chord sometimes and together they made a lot of money.