What's Happening

Week of March 4th


Monday, March 4th

7:45 Meeting with CBT

8:45 Classroom

9:00-11:30 3rd, 4th, 5th to Sioux City Symphony

10:30 Teacher meeting

11:30 Talk to students

12:30 Help with YR

1:30 Meet with ALT school
2:50 PLCs and PD

4:15 Meeting

Tuesday, March 5th

**FAT Tuesday

8:00 Preschool Team meeting

8:00-12:00 Model Classroom with 2nd grade
1:15 Meeting

2:05 Help with YR

3:00 Preschool IEP meeting

3:40 10 min stand up meeting

4:00 Preschool para interviews

5:30 PTO meeting

Wednesday, March 6th

*National Oreo Day

8:00-12 Model Classroom with 5th grade

1:00 IEP meeting

2:30 Help with YR

2:30 Follow up conversation for ALT school student

4:00 Admin meeting

4:15 PTO Pizza Ranch night

7:00 PAC meeting

Thursday, March 7th

****NO nighttime BST

8:00 K-5 Sped Team

8:45 Classroom

11:00 Classroom

2:30 Help with YR

3:30 IEP meeting

3:45 Kindness Club

5:15 Massage and adjustment

Friday, March 8th

8:00 Sioux City Foundation here to talk to all staff

8:25 Walk and Talk

8:45 Teacher meeting-classroom

10:00 Classroom

10:00 Meet with Dr. Burnight

11:40 5th grade to NAIA game

2:05 Help with YR

Literacy Plan Update--Keep Calm and Stay Anchored

Everyone is working very hard on making adjustments to their Literacy Block. Here are some upcoming dates to be aware of based on the plan we turned in to the District.

Tuesday, March 12th Niki and I will be walking through ALL literacy blocks together.

Friday, March 15th Niki, Heidi Anthony and I will be walking through ALL literacy blocks together.

Week of March 18th and March 25th Dr. Burnight and Dr. Buryanek will walk through our literacy blocks sometime during this time frame.

We want to be sure that our power points (all grades) and Must Do/May Do sheets (grades 2nd-5th) are in place and running by this time. In addition they will be looking for the components we have been talking about:

* Whole Group

* Teacher table that has targeted small group skills based instruction occurring

* Lesson extensions pushed out from the Teacher Table as well as potentially from Whole Group.

* Intentional, targeted, differentiated work from our students

We will continue to support you through PD, Coaching and 1-1 conversations. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask Niki or I.


Mar. 4 3rd-5th Sioux City Symphony

Mar. 7 3:45 Kindness Club

Mar. 8 8:00 Sioux City Foundation to provide breakfast and come talk to us for 10 minutes

Mar. 8 11:40 5th grade to NAIA game

Mar. 21 Spring Pictures

Mar. 22 Dr. Gausman at Riverside for "Life as a Student"

Mar. 25 6:00 K/1 Music Program; 6:45 2/3 Music Program

Mar. 26 6:00 4th/5th grade Orchestra concert--West High

Mar. 27 5:00 Food Bank Volunteering Opportunity