Never get lost anywhere or anytime!

By Camille D.

Learn all there is to know about compasses!

In this informational poster, you're going to learn how to use a compass and how Earth's Magnetic Field affects compasses in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere! A compass is a device used to decide geographic directions. It is also one of the oldest navigational tools in history. Once you are done reading this poster, you could find your home from pretty much any place!

How does it work?

A compass works by detecing the Earth's magnetic fields. A magnetic field is the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet. The earth has two magnetic fields, a north and a south pole. They aren't exactly on the Earth's axis rotation, but they're close enough to use for navigation. In the northern hemisphere, the magnetized needle will point to the north. In the southern hemisphere, the magnetized needle will point to the south.

How to use a compass!

How to use a compass is very simple and quick. Lets say you were using a compass in the northern hemisphere. The first thing that you want to do is place the compass in front of your chest. On the compass, you should see a magnetized needle that is usually red. This red needle will be attracted to the north pole. Since you now know where north is, you can find out which direction east, south, and west are.