The Importance of Social Media

It's Closing Time Realty

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The Bottom Line: More Website Views = More Leads for You

The Social Media Trifecta

Facebook - 1.49 Billion Monthly Active Users

Twitter - 340 Million Users

Instagram - 400 Million Users

Other "hot" medias:

YouTube - 23 Million Subscribers

Google + - 54 Million Users

Periscope - 10 Million Users

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Twitter in Plain English

How to Set Up a Twitter Account

1. Go to and enter any necessary information

2. Change your 'egg' to a real image of you.

3. Follow others and start tweeting information about your listings and connect with other professionals.

Twitter is for building your PLN - Personal Learning Network.

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Facebook Do's

1. Set up your own Business Facebook page.

2. Follow It's Closing Time Realty Facebook page.

3. Share posts from It's Closing Time Realty and fellow colleague's pages.

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How to Set Up an Instagram Account:

1. Download the Instagram App.

2. Create an account.

3. Use digital photos from your phone to post images of your listings.


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Periscope Challenge!

$25 Amazon Gift Card for first realtor to Perisocpe Market an active listing!

The catch - you need to share the Periscope video link on the It's Closing Time Realty Facebook page.

Work Time

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