Bush Bobcat News

3rd Edition

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Dates to Remember

11/2 Red Ribbon

11/8 Academic Night

11/8 Progress Reports Go Home

11/12-15 Family Engagement Week

11/14 Zumbathon Parent Center

11/14 Open Forum Parent Center

11/19-23 Thanksgiving Break

11/28 Makeup for Fall Pictures

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Reading - re-telling story, making predictions, identifying the characters in a story. Concepts of print.

Writing - Writing student's name and some letters in the alphabet.

Math – shapes

Science – Measurement - Food (cooking)

Social Studies - Thanksgiving, Holidays and Seasons


Reading – retell a main event from a story read aloud and describe characters in a story and the reasons for their actions.

Writing – students are expected to write upper and lower case letters legibly and use conventions of print of (left –to –right, top-to- bottom).

Math – composing and decomposing numbers 1-10.

Science – identify events that have repeating patterns, including seasons of the year and day and night.

Social Studies – identify basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter.

Lectura- volver a contar un evento principal de un cuento leido en voz alta. Describir personajes en un cuento y los motivos de sus acciones.

Escritura- los estudiantes formaran letras mayusculas y minusculas legibles usando las convenciones basicas de la letra impresa (avanzando de deracha e izquierda desde arriba hacia abajo).

Matemáticas- Los estudiantes agruparan y separaran numeros en un rango del 1-10.

Ciencias- identificar eventos en patrones repetitivos que incluyen las estaciones del año y el dia y la noche.

Estudios Sociales- identificar necesidades basicas de los humanos asi como la comida , la ropa y la vivienda.

Third Grade

Reading: Point of View between biography and autobiography.

Writing: Personal narrative and writing organization.

Social studies: US government and our constitutional republic.

Science: Changes from heat.

Math: Geometry and personal financial literacy

Lectura: Punto de vista entre biografía y autobiografía.

Escritura: Narrativa personal y organización de la escritura.

Estudios sociales: Gobierno de los Estados Unidos y nuestra república constitucional.

Ciencia: Cambios del color.

Matemáticas: Geometría y literatura de finanza personal.

Fourth Grade

Reading: Students will analyze, make inferences, and draw conclusions about expository text and provide evidence from text to support their understanding.

Writing: Students will go through the writing process using the steps; circle map, partial flow map, flee map, rough draft, and final draft.

Math: Students will compare fractions, create equivalent fractions, and add or subtract like and unlike denominators.

Science: Students will describe the purpose and use of force and motion.

Social Studies: Explain when, where, and why the Spanish started settlements, Catholic missions, and presidios in Texas.


Recently, our Fourth Grade Classes traveled to Jones Hall to observe a “Live Performance by the Houston Symphony. This was an exciting adventure for our students after an intensive study of Music Instruments and their Families.

Our Third Grade Classes have begun preparing to present a Multicultural Holiday Musical “Paint the Town December.” The Musical will be presented during our Winter Holiday program in December.

Los alumnos de cuarto grado van a realizar un paseo a observar en vivo a la orquesta Sinfónica de Housto. Este va a ser una experiencia inolvidable para los alumnos.

Los alumnos de tercer grado se están preparando para el musical “Pintando la ciudad en Diciembre” La obra será presentad durante las Fiestas Decembrinas en el mes de Diciembre.