Jolyn Daniels

Who is this? What has this person accoplished in life?

I chose one of my mother's friends, Jolyn Daniels. Jolyn has accomplished many things in life. One of those things is her career, she is the Director in Revenue at her work. She works for a Real Estate company called "Waterford Property Company". At her time there she has got five promotions to get where she is now. She helps find people places to live and work everyday.

Why did you choose this person/and why are they an example of Human Spirit?

I chose Jolyn because she is a very kind person. She has a fulltime job and still manages to take care of her two children. She stays true to herself and treats others the way she would want to be treated. Even when times get tough she manages to keep a smile on her face and find a way to fix it. She follows the virtues everyday at her work and at her home. That is why I believe Jolyn is a great example of having Human Spirit.

How does this person demonstrate the Human Spirit? What does this person mean to you?

In Jolyn's daily life she helps people find their dream homes. When she meets a new person she makes sure to treat them all with respect, kindness, and honesty. Jolyn has human spirit everyday. She doesn't hold grudges and she always gives people second chances. She never lashes out and is a truly good person. She is the definition of someone that has Human Spirit. That is why she means a lot to me.