By: Michael Nerren

Expansion of the united states

During this past 6 weeks 4th and 5th period have been learning about expansion and how it effects society. Expansion started to grow in 1837 when Andrew Jackson was first elected and from there on out things started to expand. We made factories that didn't have to powered by water and not to mention we expanded west , all the way to the pacific ocean.

Growth of the United States to 1853

In this picture we showed how the united states was expanded west. Not everybody liked the leaders ships decisions some did but we all have are different views on the leaders decisions but in the end we manged to get the all land we have today but just because we have the land doesn't always mean it was a good thing. For example when we gained the west side of our country a lot of slaves would runaway there erupting in another argument between the north and the south

(How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?)

Gain of land from 1820 to 1854

Reform Poll

My questions on my table was is texting while driving a big problem and 20 years ago it wasn't a big problem but today everyone said it was a major problem. Its a major problem today because technology is expanding, which is expanding our society as whole and its impacting us in a really bad way. More deaths are and more injurys by the day. Each day our society expands and each day is another day of terror but not everything is bad, actually a lot of things are really good its just with great power comes great responsibility.

(How does expansion impact society?)


In this photo it shows different polices that the us made being reformed. For example alcohol was having very bad effects on people, so they took it away for everyone's safety (value) but then it was worse when it was banned because they would drink unhealthy alcohol illegally so they took away they law. So they nations polices was to value the life of the people. So a nations polices can revel what they think of the people and how they treat them

(What do nations polices reveal about there values?)

EQ and OU

How does expansion impact society?

Expansion impacts society in many ways it could be either good and bad like for example the land we got from winning the Mexican american war was amazing but then trying to decide weather it would be a free state or slave state caused a lot of arguments. Expansion in technology also has it bad sides for example we were creating quicker and faster ways to do things like the spiny giny or the cotton gin but it was also dangerous and a lot of people got sick or died from the devices. So in conclusion expansion can effect us in good and bad ways at the same time.

How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?

Leadership views can be viewed from all types of perspectives like for example, slavery. Generally most people didn't like slavery in the north. The north had a lot of factories and machinery and more educated people. So they didn't have slavery and they didn't like slavery but the south felt different the needed slaves because of all the acres of farm land that needed to be treated to every day, plus people were less educated due to the massive amount of labor they had to do on a daily basis. Also some people just looked they other way in both the north and the south. So in conclusion people can have different perspectives judging on there beliefs and there values.

What do nations polices reveal about there values?

nations polices can reveal a lot of things about a nation for example slavery. You can tell a nation doesn't value African Americans if they have slavery. Slavery shows that they have no value for African Americans because they do not treat them them well they work in terrible conditions and hardly get food and water. So in conclusion polices can reveal a lot about a nations values in people, culture, government and a bunch of other things.

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